iMessage integration with ChatGPT by OpenAI

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ChatGPT by OpenAI

Try a demo with a ChatGPT bot in iMessage
The chat button only works on an iPhone, iPad, or Mac where iMessage is enabled. Press the button or copy and open the link on one of the listed devices.

ChatGPT Integration Features

Auto reply

Auto reply to user texts in iMessage with one of the most popular AI.

Custom setup

You can set which model, temperature, and max tokens will be used to generate replies.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We do not charge any additional fees for this integration. You will still be charged a regular fee for sending outbound texts. Also, you must have an active dedicated sender name so that your users can initiate a conversation there.

Also, OpenAI has an additional fee for accessing their API. You can find details about their service fee on the OpenAI website.

It depends on the current state of the OpenAI API. We immediately send a request to generate a reply to the user. However, sometimes their API can be overloaded and respond slowly. As soon as we receive a response, it will be immediately sent to your user.

In the Current Sender Names section, select an active purchase and in the Integrations section, activate ChatGPT. You will need to set your API Key and the Model that will be used to generate replies. For more tech info, check out our dev docs.