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Send personalized bulk messages in popular instant messengers from your Mac.


Send personalized bulk messages in iMessage, WhatsApp, Telegram and Threema from your iPhone.


iMessage API for sending blue messages to your recipients instead of regular texts.
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Use Cases


Contact with potential customers is extremely important in the E-commerce field. Timely and prompt response creates a definite opinion about the quality of doing business. And sending messages to potential buyers about a new arrival of goods and ongoing promotional events increases their interest in your Internet resource, making it stand out from competitors.

Using the LoopMessage app, you can significantly simplify this process by sending your loyal customers not only messages about promotions from your Mac, but also various bonus rewards and promotional codes, making purchases on your store as interesting as possible for a wide range of users. By making it easier to connect with customers through LoopMessage, you will have more time for new marketing ideas.

Personal teaching or training

The system of personal training and conducting individual trainings takes a lot of time from the person conducting them. For each of the clients, you should choose an individual program for classes, grouping them according to the knowledge base and level of training. An equally tedious process is sending instructions to each client via Messengers on the Mac, where you sometimes need to attach individual links or any other important individual data.

LoopMessage app will greatly simplify the entire workload with bulk messaging, reducing the time required to complete it to a minimum.

Small Local Businesses

No one will argue about the importance of small business for the development of the economy. But in modern conditions, it is very difficult for small business to survive.

LoopMessage app will allow small and medium business owners not to lose their loyal customers, keeping in touch with them and regularly informing them about new deliveries of the most popular or exclusive products. Such informative communication, as well as messages about promotional discounts and bonus incentives that will be held in the near future, will allow you to have direct contact between business owners and potential buyers.

This will increase the level of sales, stimulating the interest of each customer in the choice of products in your retail enterprise!

Political Campaigns

In a democratic society, in any political campaign, campaigning is an important lever of influence on voters who can always change their mind in your favor.

LoopMessage app allows you to send campaign material to a wide range of voters, as well as receive analytical information about the reaction to the received content.

Such an analysis will allow you to pay attention in a timely manner to which direction should be given more attention, for the correct planning of the future company.

Also, using the LoopMessage app, you can safely communicate with your campaign sponsors through direct peer-to-peer dialogue. All data of internal contacts stored locally in encrypted form. Communication with sponsors will be guaranteed confidential and secure by providing digital direct messaging.