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Use Cases


Personal teaching or training

Small Local Businesses

Political campaigns


Bulk Peer-to-peer messages

Support messaging from your own: iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Skype.
Your iMessage recipients will receive blue chat bubbles!

Unneeded credentials

The app will not ask you to enter credentials for your instant messengers. App will interact with accounts to which you use in their native apps.

Best Privacy Policy

All your data will be stored only locally and encrypted.

Send Messages and SMS
from your Desktop

Our native macOS app has great performance and an easy understanding UI. App is built to run on Catalina 10.15 and later.

CSV Uploads

We use two contacts storage: Internal and Phone Book. You can easily import contacts from a CSV file to your internal storage and then edit any data.

No changes in your phone contacts

App can interact with your contacts from Phone Book, but can't edit. Your Phone Book is only under your control. Also as well you can decline permission to your Phone Book and use only contacts which create in the app directly.

Personalized Tokens

Save time. No more copy/paste.

Personalize each message with the recipient's name to achieve more responses and increased engagement.

Personalized messages can help you increase your user acquisition 2 or 3 times. Since such messages look like an appeal personally to recipients.

Send bulk texts with your own cellular plan

Your non iMessage recipients can receive regular texts*.

*LoopMessage App does not charge you for texts. However, your regular cellular provider rates apply. Most service plans in the U.S. include unlimited texting. Please check with your service provider if you have unlimited texting in your service plan. LoopMessage App also supports sending via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Skype which can help you to less using regular SMS.

Simple and Transparent Pricing


  • Limited sending count
  • Limited contacts Importing
  • Priority support


Week / Per user
  • No trial period
  • All standard features
  • Priority support


Month / Per user
  • 3-day trial period
  • All standard features
  • Priority support


Year / Per user
  • 5-day trial period
  • All standard features
  • Priority support

*VAT, GST, or sales taxes is not included in our pricing plans

Standard Features

Bulk Peer-to-peer messages

Support messaging from your own: iMessage, WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Skype.

Your iMessage recipients will receive
blue chat bubbles!

Unlimited texting

No per-text charge when you sending to Messengers and no limits on sending count! But if you sending SMS, the texting plan that comes with your cellular provider is used.

Personalized Tags

Add merge tags such as [First Name] to your messages so each recipient gets a personalized text

CSV Upload

Easily upload CSV files containing phone numbers, emails, and any other data. Export phone-number lists from your Database, Website, Mailchimp, Salesforce, or anywhere!

Frequently Asked Questions

VAT, GST, or sales taxes is not included in our pricing plans.
As some of our customers are businesses, they do not owe VAT and thus we charge the advertised flat price. VAT is still due for consumers and may be applied on all plan prices (ie. non-business entities). If you are an EU business, make sure you enter your EU VAT number to prove your business status and thus remove VAT from the price.

If you are located outside the EU, we won’t charge any VAT, regardless of your business or consumer status. However, GST or sales taxes may be added to the final price depending on your location.

Our payment processor “Paddle” handles Tax compliance for all countries where it required. You can check details regarding Tax charges for your country on their website.

We accept payments via:

  • Cards (including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada). Support all currencies.
  • PayPal. Support all currencies, except: HUF, KRW, ARS, TWD, INR, TRY, UAH.

Supported currencies:

  • USD – $ United States dollar 🇺🇸
  • EUR – € Euro 🇪🇺
  • GBP – £ Great Britain Pound 🇬🇧
  • CHF – Swiss franc🇨🇭
  • CAD – C$ Canadian dollar 🇨🇦
  • AUD – A$ Australian dollar 
  • NZD – NZ$ New Zealand dollar 🇳🇿
  • SGD – S$ Singapore dollar 🇸🇬
  • KRW – ₩ South Korean won 🇰🇷
  • JPY – ¥ Japanese yen 🇯🇵

Yes, if you download the app from Mac App Store, there you find some price plans which include trial from 3 to 7 days. You can test our product during this period and you will be charged only at the end of the trial period.

After subscription, the email that you use during checkout (if asked) will be attached to your account in the app.

Therefore, it will be enough to restart the app, and your purchase will be activated.

After successful payment, a payment confirmation will be sent to your email. You will also find a link to the Invoice/Receipt in this confirmation.

You can also contact support and ask for these documents to be sent to you separately.

Here are two ways how you can do that:
1) In the application you should be signed in to an account related to your subscription. Then, in the app settings, open the Payment section. And there you will have the option to manage your payments.
2) Write an email to [email protected] with your ‘Cancel Subscription request’ and we cancel your subscription.

Take into account, when your subscription cycle ended, your full access will be invalidated.

Important! If you delete the app it does not cancel your subscription. To avoid issues, you should cancel your subscription, and only then delete the app.

We do not set a limit on our side (if you have purchased full access) on how many messages you can send. However, it’s only your responsibility to keep the ‘Terms of Rules’ of the destination instant messenger. LoopMessage app just helps you to automate the process of preparing personalized texts and delivering them to the destination instant messenger.

If you use our app for macOS, there sending process is fully automated, and no need to click ‘send’ for each message.

But if you use our application for iOS, then due to the limitation of the operating system, there is no other way than to confirm the sending of each message.

For sending Messages/SMS via iMessage not need to install anything else. iMessage already integrated into the macOS as a standard app.

For sending messages via WhatsApp will need to install an official macOS app from the Mac App Store or their Website and sign in there with your credentials.

For sending messages via Telegram will need to install an official macOS app from the Mac App Store or their Website and sign in there with your credentials. Any other Telegram clients not supported and we did not guarantee to properly work with them.

One active subscription can only be used for one account. Your account can be signed in only on one macOS and one iOS device simultaneously (2 devices in total).

If you will try to sign in to the app on another macOS or iOS device you will automatically be signed out from the previous iOS/Mac device.

Since November 2022, we stopped licensing through license keys and linking them to your hardware. Now all your purchases are linked to your account. You can use your account on any device without the need to transfer a license.

It will be enough for you to sign in with your email that you used during the purchase on the site, and then, full access will be activated on your account.

Want Discount?

We can provide discounts if you:
– Want to buy full access for 3 or more accounts
– Want to use the app for your startup
– Work in media*
– Blogger, streamer, or influencer*
*Only if you are ready to collaboration with us

What people say?

Customers reviews

Quick and Easy
wickedconman - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
This app might save my fraternity from membership collapse. Personalized messages, group sending, near seamless integration with macOS. Overall an incredibly intutive, accessable, and effective program. Feature to add an attachment also very useful for ad graphics. Good work guys.
Great app to broadcast messages
Greenwood Whisper - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
This app might save my fraternity from membership collapse. Personalized messages, group sending, near seamless integration with macOS. Overall an incredibly intutive, accessable, and effective program. Feature to add an attachment also very useful for ad graphics. Good work guys.
Positive impression
Reeves 162 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
During the months I sent more than a thousand messages. I liked the application presented by the team and my experience of using very positive.
Great for working with the messaging list
Taylor Oakley - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
It is very important for our religious organization to be able to quickly send various notifications. LoopMessage makes sending updates a lot easier. It was a great relief to find such a well product. Using the Mac Mini, we quickly complete important messaging. We believe in the longevity of such a useful product and look forward to new functional additions. Great work!
Awesome! 😎
Ingram Fight Club - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
Our team loves how easy it is to manage this app, build a mood, and keep key customers up to date. From the first day of using the application, we have perfectly adapted it for our business. Thank you very much! 🙏
Good business integration with the app
Wizard 185 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
LoopMessage is a completely simple bulk messaging solution to drive customer engagement. It's really a pleasure to use it. It is very easy to use and does not require any special settings. It integrated very well into my business and significantly increased my productivity, as every client felt the attention from our side.
Chris Ro. - Mac App Store 🇦🇹
Read More
Looked around for an app to easily send bulk sms for a start-up company, tried this one and can only recomend it highly. Relativly easy to use, works and most of all support is excellent! Had questions regarding import of contacts, support was in fact on line and we could solve the hitch (created by an old data format produced a big expensive program, FileMaker Claris/Apple) within an hour! Keep on, cheers from Austria, Chris
The perfect solution to increase productivity
Rum Punch 49 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
That's is my best productivity app for Apple platforms. If the rest of the proposed products required careful study, there is everything simple and intuitive. In addition, the developers are attaching videos with a step-by-step tutorial. I tried several options that worked best for me. It was the perfect solution to increase productivity.
In order not to lose clients
Dylan19. - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
That's has become the best option in our business for communicating with customers. Over time, we have found that poor mailing tools not only take our time and effort but also lead to lost customers. In modern realities, we could not afford this, and it is very wonderful that solution was developed not only for iOS but also for Mac.
Nice 🤔
Iceberg63 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
I really enjoyed the app for the variety of audience communication offerings. While most mailing services target a limited number of mails, LoopMessage offers a wide variety of options. I am always ready to support the developer's work when it is done professionally and with high quality.
Guaranteed security and confidentiality
Morris Jessica Rabbit - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
This App caught my attention with its good personalized auto-mailing features and simple application. It fully meets my privacy and security requirements. Therefore, I can safely use it without worrying that third parties will gain access to my sent messages.
Money saving app
Begum5. - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Our customer base is very large and it always took a lot of time to send texts to our regular customers. I had to take a broad employee who dealt exclusively with mailings. Using the LoopMessage application, we were able to quickly make personalized mailings using our customer database. This resulted in significant savings and the ability to reduce one job.
Best communication app ever 📱
Black 109 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Our store is engaging in sell organic products, but also in their delivery. Quick communication with clients is an important part of our business. It is important for our customers to receive timely information about the supply of fresh products in order to form an order. The personalized message via LoopMessage has been very well approved by customers and has increased our competitiveness in the grocery business.
Useful application
Pacific The Dark - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
During the pandemic, like many other business owners, I had to look for an application that allows us to regularly inform our customers about the provision of new services and products. The most optimal for me was the LoopMessage application, thanks to which I was able to send messages to all clients on instant messengers convenient for them. This allowed not to reduce the profitability of the business in difficult times. And now this is the most useful application for me.
An excellent solution for the messaging routine!
Thomson//8 - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
I love to travel, I have my own blog and receive many messages from my subscribers with different questions regarding new updates. Now I can quite simply notify about updates each subsriber personally through the LoopMessage application, spending hundreds of times less time. An excellent solution to the mailing problem!
The app is good, but ...
Morris Jessica Rabbit - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
Mac app is mostly good, although a bit simple. I would like more functionality or simple and accessible ready-made templates.
Great messaging app
Russell33. - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
I use the LoopMessage app to communicate with a relatively small audience during various holiday events. It is a well-designed, fully functional application. He has a somewhat short trial period, although it was enough to fully check all advantages.
Coaching without problems 🚀👍🚀
TurnbullRellie J - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
For companies like ours, which provide educational coaching in the field of marketing, LoopMessage was a real discovery, making it possible to timely inform various audiences about upcoming events. Now we are guaranteed to be sure that each of the clients received the message. Our customers liked this level of interaction, and the application saved us a lot of time.
Good features
Room Service 10 - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
LoopMessage app is a great and fully functional product made to a high standard. When I started using it, I was very impressed with the result. My communication with clients has increased by over 60%. This is a great app that I have recommended to all my friends. Thanks for the good app development!
We won!
211Fight Club - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
Use the LoopMessag app during the political campaign, which will provide perfect communication with potential voters, and it will greatly save resources and time for sending various messages. Ideal for us was the opportunity to use modern instant messengers. A personal appeal to every voter helps us to win the election.
Not bad 👍
295Merchant Armstrong - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
Everything is simple and clear. The only thing I would like is for the developers to add support for WeChat.
Poole Arya - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
Without a doubt, this app is much better than the mailing list I've used before. I love that LoopMessage is easy to use and saves a lot of time. It's easy to use, unlike other apps, where it feels like you have to be an expert in software.
Cool idea
Hart8699 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Now I can send dozens of messages to friends about the party in just a few minutes !! And this is not thanks to the speedy typing on a Macbook, but the cool LoopMessage app! Give it a try and I'm more than sure you will like it!
Cost and performance! 📈
Farmer251. - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
LoopMessage is excellent and fully functional. It is a great time saver that previously had to be spent on texting to customers. It really helps to promotes my business perfectly without requiring a lot of money and time.
Simple and economical 💪
Iqbal69. - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
I liked the app for its simplicity and the great variety of features. Choosing different groups from the list of visitors to my fitness room, I can individually send out various recommendations, moreover, with a convenient instant messenger for them.
Beneficial and simple
Mark Riva - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
It is extremely important for my clients to receive timely advice and advice on the care of their garden. This app has become the ideal solution for quick messaging. As the owner of a garden center, I now regularly keep in touch with my customers, informing them about the arrival of fertilizers and various plant care materials.
A messaging app with many features
Jacob.1/3 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
As a public relations monitoring company, we send out weekly various questionnaires to audiences, which help to identify specific problems in the work of regional structures and improve the interaction of city services. With excellent UI in the app, you can quickly personalize the message and adapt it to a specific distribution, making minor adjustments. For us, this is the best option!
Highly recommend
Sawyer 676 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
Sometimes our company sends over 50,000 messages per/w. Loop has proven to be the cheapest approach with high performance for bulk messaging.
Only positive customer reviews
Tribune 288 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Having started sending mailings to customers of our store through the LoopMessage application, we did not even expect to receive so much positive feedback on the high service level and timely information about the goods. It is enough to create a template in the app and specify a list of recipients, then the app will put the recipient's names in each message by itself and send them out in WhatsApp and iMessage. This made our store more recognizable, which has a positive effect on business.
Yes i'm lazy 😌
Dweller in the Grove Leach - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Like every person, I was annoyed and annoyed by the numerous congratulatory mailings that had to be sent to friends and relatives for various holidays, such as Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, and others. It took a lot of time on stupid routine work on which I was simply too lazy to waste time. With the LoopMessage, I spend a minimum of time on messaging. It really made my life easier and saved me from routine work.
Guaranteed Success for Direct Marketing 😎
Hettie Manning - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
If you're a Mac user, Loop is the best way to take your messaging marketing to the next level. It is enough to import your contacts and go.
I advise everyone to try
You are so beautiful girl - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
Before getting to know LoopMessage, I had to spend a lot of time sending messages to members of our choreographic club. Now all my friends are using it too, making sure of its effectiveness.
Nice app 😌
Winsome19 - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
We tried to use LoopMessage for communication inside of local governments and this greatly increased the efficiency of our work. We were able to regularly inform residents about our policy and new solutions using this app.
Rees 28 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
Now I can quickly send a lot of messages to my students about changes in the schedule of online seminars. During the quarantine period, the LoopMessage application allowed me to optimize online teaching, and for the students, help receive important info messages on time.
New approach
.HuntPlayer - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
This app is a cool solution that caught my eye in a very timely manner, and allowed me not to lose my business during a pandemic. I decided to take a slightly different approach to work with clients, and fast personalized messaging fits perfectly into this idia. I advise everyone to use this app.
Improving performance
494Sunburst - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
Our company is engaged in conducting surveys among the population. If earlier we received only about 20% of responses to our mailings, then the LoopMessage app allowed us to increase the number of respondents' responses to 70%. This is a significant indicator and our clients have increased the number of orders for surveys, seeing the effectiveness of our work.
Only ++++
Irving 309 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
I now spend a minimum of time for arrange a meeting time with my friends for beach volleyball. It is enough to type a small message once in the app and start a personalized messaging through LoopMessage. You don't have to copy it dozens of times to send it to everyone. Everything is fast and very convenient for a minimal time.
Great app!
Wasp 208 - Mac App Store 🇨🇦
Read More
I think its great, because for people who have different service plans and especially for different phones I like to see that I can message them through their messaging app, from when I had samsung and texted somebody from an iphone I always had to turn my data on to send pictures or so on, but with this app I can message my sister with Mac! Its great
Willow Houghton - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
In the last period of time, the pace of my work has accelerated significantly, and the issue of increasing productivity has become very relevant. I work as an online store manager and spent a lot of time mailing every day. With the pandemic, the flow of orders increased and it was necessary to speed up the workflow. The features offered by LoopMessage allowed me to opt out of common emails and significantly increase my efficiency.
Positive impression
Reeves 162 - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
During the months I sent more than a thousand messages. I liked the application presented by the team and my experience of using very positive.
Great tool
Cunningham.968 - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
Before I had been using e-mails for many years without even thinking about other approaches. But in today's realities, digital communication plays a primary role and the quality of the tools used is of great importance in our work. Good tools like LoopMessage allow us to get things done with less effort and higher productivity. I'm glad I found this app.
Pippa Eliza - Mac App Store 🇬🇧
Read More
It’s a great app, it helps you too keep your phone line even while you are traveling outside of the country to make calls and send and receive messages.
Claude-22 - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
LOVE the control options. Finally no more annoying notification alerts over and over after my tennis captain sends the team messages! I also use this app to let my family know what's happening through our private group.
ReevesFresh - Mac App Store 🇺🇸
Read More
My fantasy football league is happily connected by Loop messenger!! I love the name and the simple features.

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