Email to iMessage

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Any email services

Email-To-iMessage Integration Features

Use on any platforms

You can use iMessage on any platform that supports sending/receiving email.

No coding

The integration can be ready in just a few clicks. You don’t need to code anything.

Use cases

for integration with other services logoA cloud computing company based in San Francisco, California, United States


BCC to Salesforce


Fallback email address


Email sync and Smart BCC.

With this integration, you can receive/send iMessage through any popular online service or CRM that supports smart BCC or fallback email.

Frequently Asked Questions​

We do not charge any additional fees for this integration. You will still be charged a regular fee for sending outbound texts. Also, you must have an active dedicated sender name so that your users can initiate a conversation there.

However, if you use some online services, CRM or SaaS to process emails from this integration, they may charge their own fees.

Email delivery performance may vary and depend on your email provider. From our side, as soon as an inbound message has been received, we immediately make an attempt to send an email. You will receive an email within a few seconds (in some cases, several minutes) until the mail is delivered to you.

The same thing with your email replies to iMessage. It may take some time for your inbound email will be processed on the servers. But as soon as we receive it, an attempt to send an outbound iMessage from a dedicated sender name will be initiated immediately.

In the Current sender names section, select an active purchase, scroll to the Integrations section, and activate and activate it. You will need to set your Email for receiving messages.

No, your email will not be visible to your iMessage contacts. All messages will go through the dedicated sender name. Your email will only be used by us to notify you of inbound iMessages.